Multizone Music

Our smart automation capabilities can really bring your home to life, and streaming audio is one of the many ways it can do that. Stream different HD music sources throughout your space, whether that’s music services like Spotify or vinyl from your own collection. It doesn’t matter how many rooms, or if it’s a residence, hotel, office building, or retail space—you can literally have a different song playing in every room.

Put that together with any of our custom speaker options, and you could be enjoying world-class sound quality throughout your space. And it’s all controlled from a tablet, smartphone, or touchscreen.


Multizone TV + Movies

Imagine being able to control what you’re watching from your phone, with no fussing over different components or remotes. Watch a show on HD cable, then switch to a Blu-ray movie with literally a few taps on your phone.

Everything you want to watch can be right at your fingertips, and controllable from anywhere in the world. Forgot to record the big game, but can’t get away from work? It’s not a problem with our systems. A few taps, and you’re done.


Cinema Design

Cinema level projection is the hallmark of many homes—but with our technology, the home cinema is no longer limited to dark rooms. Put full projection home theatre capability in literally any room, including bedrooms and outdoor spaces. Combine that with any of our incredible speaker options and acoustic panel solutions, and you have a high performance surround experience.

Who hasn’t dreamed of watching the big game on a 120″ screen in your living room? Or impressing company with a completely retractable projector and screen? With Adera, it’s a reality.


Automated Blinds + Shades

Motorized automated window treatments are simply stunning in any space. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, hospitality, or retail application, seeing blinds and shades moving on their own is always impressive.

We represent the full array of Hunter Douglas and Lutron window treatments, providing full integration with our automated systems.


Lighting + Climate

Our systems make control systems at home easy to use, and just as important, easy to automate and schedule. Save money on electricity by keeping your air conditioning system off while you’re at work, and make sure the lights are on when you or your family get home.

Only our systems can reliably set variable lighting scenes for daytime use, dinner parties, movie and TV watching, or even full system-wide on or off options. Even better, no more looking for switches—set lights from your phone from anywhere you want.


Security + CCTV Cameras

Nothing is more secure than our systems. Control everything from anywhere in the world: monitor your space through CCTV cameras, open and lock your doors or gates, and have local authorities respond to alerts.

Imagine being able to ensure that your house is secure when your children get home from school, or monitor your rooms when house staff or workers enter. Not to mention you can protect your home from flooding, carbon monoxide, and fire with 24 hour professional monitoring. Our systems provide complete peace of mind no matter where you are in the world.


Commercial Access Control

We have years of experience with smart access controls with a variety of project sizes. For projects including hospitality, assisted care, and businesses, we provide door controllers, card readers, proximity card readers, and keypads. For rental properties—telephone entry systems and electronic wireless locks.

Reliable, secure systems keep properties of all sizes safe, and allow management the ability to monitor any door.


Video Walls + Digital Signage

For residential, hospitality, and retail situations, video wall installations always impart the strongest impressions. Show different video streams on any number of sections, or command the full power of all the screens.  Arrange the screens in an infinite combination of angles and patterns, creating larger setups that adapt to your needs.

It’s the perfect answer for situations that call for multiple messaging or restaurants that want to display multiple sources.  Our solutions include incredible products from Planar, LG, and Samsung.


Wireless Intercom

Gone are the days of intercoms with inaudible, fuzzy sound. Today’s intercoms include precise engineering, clear audio, and even high definition video, all built into a single unit that works over WiFi.

Now there’s literally no reason to go without the security that a new intercom unit provides.