This stately home in Springbank features a number of high performance features including a dedicated lower floor home theatre with custom speakers from James Loudspeaker, a Sunfire XTEQ subwoofer, and a fantastic JVC Reference Series projector.  The JVC Reference Series is an Ultra HD 4K projector, and this installation is one of only a few of this particular model in Calgary.  It provides a truly world-class picture, especially when combined with the room’s Screen Innovations Zero G screen.  Overall, this home cinema is a great feature for when the family entertains their family, or their young son’s friends.

In the living room with a 60″ LED flatscreen TV and cinema class Sunfire speakers hidden in the millwork.  This home’s central component rack handles all of the system’s sources, controlled by an ELAN gSC10 processor.   In the kitchen, another set of in-ceiling Speakercraft speakers keeps the audio experience consistent.

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JVC’s DLA-RS67 Reference Series Projector