Many companies have cutting edge technology, and others have a long history. It’s rare to encounter one that have both. Focal is one of these companies.


Founded in Saint Etienne, France, in 1979, Focal has developed a number of landmark acoustic technologies, including: the inverted dome tweeter, kevlar cones, beryllium tweeters, flax and polyglass sandwich cones, and the tuned mass damper. The peak of their technological innovation is their Grande Utopia speaker, which enjoys a place on Audiophile Magazine’s The Top 25 Best Speakers of All Time.


Focal’s acoustic engineers are responsible for the design, development and research of products; activities which are all carried out internally. Their high-tech facilities feature cutting-edge equipment, including state of the art CAD software, audio labs, as well as dedicated machinery and production lines. Their commitment to quality is also peerless; every speaker to exit their production line is tested by both computer and by ear. They are also one of the rare speaker companies that manufactures its own speaker drivers, completely ensuring the highest level of quality.


Our focus with Focal will be their incredible line of custom integration speaker products, that feature the technological advances found in their other collections like Utopia and Sopra. The opportunity to provide our clients with this heritage of acoustic excellence is satisfying, and contributes to our pursuit of building systems that exceed expectations. As audio enthusiasts, we can’t wait to hear how great they sound in your space.

Focal is truly the result of a passion for acoustic and design excellence that is unique to France, and it shows in their aesthetic and innovation. We are so proud to provide our clients with this level of audio refinement and a heritage that includes some of the best speakers available anywhere. Just imagine your experience at home with Focal speakers.

Manufacturer’s link: https://www.focal.com/
Focal Electra IC 1002

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