For many of our clients, more important than cool gadgets or a retractable projector screen is security and access control. One of our specializations as a company is IP camera systems and commercial grade access control. These systems ensure complete security for any property, commercial or residential.

IP camera systems are very different from what people may be familiar with in the past. Today’s camera system include features like digital HD imaging, infrared night vision, and 360° field of vision. Maintaining on-site recordings are also much simpler with network video recorders (NVR) that can keep weeks of footage. Not to mention that a visible camera system is one of the strongest visual deterrents to property crime.


When combined with a strong IP camera system, integrated access controls provide additional assurance that any property is safe. They also provide flexibility due to features like IP door locks and camera intercom systems, like DoorBird (pictured above), that can be viewed through secure apps on a client’s phone. They can also alert users when they are accessed, alongside integrated camera footage. For commercial projects, integrated access controls are a necessity. Phone and keycard access systems can be found in properties everywhere, but when combined with management software, they allow for advanced levels of control that can be managed from anywhere in the world. These systems require careful planning, collaboration with builders and architects, and experienced integration specialists.

Manufacturer links:

Vivotek: www.vivotek.com
Kantech: www.kantech.com
Doorbird: www.doorbird.com

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