A poorly implemented system is a nightmarish scenario for any sales space, so when UK-based technology integration firm, Your Smart Home, was approached to design and install an integrated A/V infrastructure for Sub-Zero & Wolf in London’s Knightsbridge district, they relied on ELAN to give them exactly what they needed. Unfortunately for Sub-Zero & Wolf, their previous automation system was poorly implemented, creating difficulties in their sales process in the presence of clients.  This was especially important in their demo home floor which features a complete kitchen, living room, dining room, study, bar and lounge, outdoor garden, and a cigar room.

ELAN Sub-Zero & Wolf London Kitchen

Given the complex nature of their space, a rock-solid automation system was important, along with having a sleek design that “should complement, not distract” states William Hopkins, Managing Director at Your Smart Home. The system was built around the ELAN gSC10 and g1 controllers, with access through two ELAN gTP7 in-wall touchpanels, an ELAN gHR2 handheld remote, or the ELAN g! Mobile app on each showroom consultant’s smartphone or tablet.

Sub-Zero & Wolf London Cigar Room

Important to each showroom area is ELAN’s theme capabilities, which power each room on and off on a pre-set schedule, as well as controlling music for each area.  Additionally, the system controls a number of 4K and mirror TVs, thirteen HD CCTV cameras, and their integrated lighting and HVAC systems.  At the centre of their audio system is a Niles Auriel Multi-Room Audio System, with two Niles MRC-6430 audio controllers, a Niles SI-1230 multi-channel power amp, and multiple in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

Sub-Zero & Wolf London Kitchen 2

According to Ricky Davies, Sub-Zero & Wolf Operations Manager, the company’s executive team is so thrilled with ELAN that they are installing a system in their European corporate headquarters. “Our London showroom often hosts many corporate meetings and, as a result, our executive team has become quite familiar with the ELAN system”, states Davies. “I’m pleased to say, in the short time since the system has been installed, they’ve grown quite keen on ELAN!”


Link to Subzero London: http://www.subzero-wolf.co.uk/london_showroom.aspx

Photo credits: Sub-Zero & Wolf London

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