This week, Wolf Cinema announced the release of a new series of 4K projectors, including a new flagship laser/phosphor native 4K/UHD projector.  Three of the new 4K projectors utilize a three-chip 6th generation D-ILA light engine.

The new 4K projectors in the TXF “Theater Extreme 4K” series come in four models—TXF-900, TXF-1400, TXF-2000, and the TXF-5000, their laser/phosphor unit.  Each model is capable of imaging onto screen up to 18-feet in width.  The TXF series delivers deep black levels, multiple VariScope aspect ratio memories, custom factory gamut and gamma calibrations, and is housed in an all-metal chassis.

The second-generation TXF-5000 is illuminated by a 20,000-hour life Blu-escent laser diode/phosphor light source that provides strong peak white performance, and virtually immeasureable dynamic contrast levels.

As one of our newest partner brands, we are excited to see the new technology that Wolf can offer to our clients, and the great images they produce.

Manufacturer link: http://wolfcinema.com/
EPro article (includes detailed specs): http://www.cepro.com/article/wolf_cinema_to_demo_txf_theater_extreme_4k_projector_series_at_ces

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